What Is a Virtual CFO?

Virtual CFO (or vCFO) stands for virtual Chief Financial Officer. Basically, that means someone who is an outsourced service provider, who supports a company in the types of functions and activities that are typically performed by a CFO such as: Financial Reporting Cash Flow Management Corporate Performance Management Financial Planning Strategic Planning Managing Risk Promoting […]

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The 12 Week Year

This is one of my favorite books.  It really sums up the importance of establishing Quarterly Commitments, which is an element of Business Cadence.  By breaking down the year and setting goals for the next 90 days, an Organization and it’s leadership team can become more aligned and stay focused on the things that are priorities.

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Business Cadence

Establish your Business Cadence, Execute your Strategy, and Get Things DONE! What Is Business Cadence? Making progress requires structure and discipline. We have found that successful organizations are intentional about when, why, and how they interact as a team. We call this “Business Cadence”. Having a good business cadence for the organization establishes an operational

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