Start up your New Career Ventures With Jeff Meziere.

Jeff Meziere is an Entrepreneur, experienced in owning, operating (leading teams), buying and selling companies. He is enthusiastic about helping small business owners make progress and WIN! Jeff believes that success comes by execution of strategy, with a focus on customer experience and people (the team).

Discover a Proven Plan To Build a Better Business and a Better Life

What People Are Saying?

“Lee’s greatest asset is the integrity he brings, the type of integrity earned only through years of sitting in the top seat and making the tough decisions.”

“He took the time to earn my trust, which allowed me to discover my vision and set my goals for the business. My company is now strong with 3 years of growth and value success in a row. My role as leader has changed. What can I say? It worked. Life changing.”

“Lee does an outstanding job of building relationships, “peeling the onion” to get at the root cause of issues and leveraging his experience to help focus our leadership team’s efforts on the highest-value opportunities for our company.”

A Few People I have Helped