Business Cadence

Establish your Business Cadence, Execute your Strategy, and Get Things DONE!

What Is Business Cadence?

Making progress requires structure and discipline. We have found that successful organizations are intentional about when, why, and how they interact as a team. We call this “Business Cadence”. Having a good business cadence for the organization establishes an operational rhythm. This cadence provides clear alignment across the organization and can help your organization be more productive. We accomplish this by conducting a series of meetings; each with its own specific purpose, facilitated in a structured way.

Meeting Set

  • Annual Meeting: Clarify your 3-5 year vision; identify strategic objectives; determine your 1-year outlook; develop your Action Plan.
  • Quarterly Meeting: Identify your 90-day prioritized initiatives; assign responsibilities; document Quarterly Commitments from each team member.
  • Monthly Meeting: Update and Check In (On-Track / Off-Track); identify barriers or challenges; collectively work through your organization’s hurdles.

Benefits of Business Cadence

  • Vision and Alignment: By clarifying where you are going and what success looks like, your team can be more aligned in working toward a common goal. When your team is on the same page, this leads to better effectiveness and efficiency. Having a clear vision provides a framework for decision-making.
  • Prioritization: Improve your team’s focus and remove all doubts about what is most important to your organization. This will ultimately increase the success rate of your strategic initiatives. Resources can then be allocated based on impact to the priority.
  • Accountability: Promoting trust breeds excellence throughout your organization. By making commitments and being responsible for your actions, your leadership team builds trust through support and encouragement.

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